Do I have to help take care of my hive?

Nope! We perform all necessary management for the hives year round.

How much is 5 lbs of honey?

Honey is sold by weight, not volume, and the density of honey varies slightly for different hives and different years. Five lbs (80 oz) is approximately six and a half “squeezy bear” honey bottles. Sample pictures of our honey packaging are also available in our product descriptions.

What are other perks of being a hiveshare member?

In addition to 5 lbs of raw honey each year of membership, hiveshare members receive a certificate of hiveshare ownership, exclusive hiveshare member merchandise, routine updates on their hive, and invitations to exclusive members-only events.

For our initial Spring 2018 season, we are temporarily offering special “founding members” merch exclusive to our first 50 hiveshare customers.

When do I get my hiveshare swag/honey?

Hiveshare swag will ship just after we set up our hives for 2018, in the first two weeks of May. This is so that we can send you the specific details on your hive, once it’s up and running!

For both hiveshare and honeyshare customers, we harvest our honey in the fall, typically between late August and early September. As the date approaches we can provide more precise predictions for honey delivery.

How long does my hiveshare last?

You can cancel anytime, but if you prefer we can continue hiveshare membership for up to six years. Six years is the typical lifespan of the wooden hive structure the bees live in. Rehoming the bees with fresh woodenware is required at this point to maintain the health of the hive.

What happens if I still own my hiveshare after six years?

When the six year hiveshare contract is up, we allow hiveshare members to renew their memberships at a significant discount.

Can I come and get the hive that I own?

No, sorry! It is healthier for beehives to be as stationary as possible. Additionally, our hives are placed on small local farms who rely on our pollination services. If you are interested in us setting up a hive on your property, check out our beekeeping services page.

Can restaurants or other local businesses purchase hiveshares?

Yes! If you are a restaurateur or business owner interested in branding or marketing opportunities, please email us at contact@halfacrebeekeeping.com. 

What happens if my hive fails/my bees die?

If your hive fails we will replace it at no cost to you. 

May I pay via check?

Yes! If you would prefer to bypass our online store, just email us at contact@halfacrebeekeeping.com. Or come meet us at a farmer's market! (we advertise our appearances on our Instagram and Facebook pages)