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What we offer


Hive Shares

Want to support the work of local, sustainable beekeepers while enjoying raw honey, bee-yard tours, and other perks? Check out the options we have available through our hive-share program — shares now available for Spring 2019!



Enjoy a hive on your own land. Our beekeepers perform all necessary maintenance and care, while you enjoy the many benefits of the hive, including delicious raw honey from your own backyard.


our mission


WE BELIEVE IN ethical beekeeping

That’s why we’re establishing a series of micro-apiaries along the New Hampshire Seacoast where honeybees are kept sustainably. That means:

-Without migrating our bees. Our hives are kept on site year round with minimal interference, free from the stresses of mass commercial apiculture. This leads to happier, healthier, heartier bees. 

-Without excessive use of antibiotics, miticides, and pesticides containing neonicotinoids. Exposure to these dangerous chemicals is believed to inhibit honeybee health.

-Not importing our bees from different climates. We supply our hives with bees bred and raised in New England. 

-Producing genuine honey. The honey we sell is raw, local honey – without any additives, chemicals, colorings, or treatments.