HalfShare 2018

HalfShare 2018

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HalfShares are perfect for individual honey lovers. Own a share of professionally managed hive on a sustainable New Hampshire farm. We'll install and maintain the bees, letting you enjoy raw, local, honey each year from your hive without ever having to worry about getting stung. Like backyard beekeeping but on someone else’s land, your hive is your hive—which means every harvest you’ll receive the honey your bees produce. As if honey wasn’t enough, we’ll also give you regular updates on your honeybees state of happiness, informative articles and tasty recipes, plus invitations to our exclusive, members-only events.

With your hive share membership, you will receive:

- For one season only! Exclusive founding member only swag, including a certificate of founding member ownership, a specially-printed organic cotton tote bag, a decal, and a picture of your unique hive. (Est. delivery: May 2018)

- Seasonal email updates on the health and happiness of your hive

- Two pounds of raw honey from your hive each year, custom packaged with your name or family name. We pack some of your honey in smaller size jars, perfect for gifting to friends and family at the holidays. You will also receive a card detailing the unique qualities and tasting notes of your honey for that year. (Est. first delivery: September 2018) If you would like more than two pounds from your hive, inquire with us at contact@halfacrebeekeeping.com.

- Invitations to exclusive, members-only events

HalfShare membership lasts for up to six years (the natural lifespan of a hive structure, cancel anytime!) and requires a $10.00 annual membership fee. This will be invoiced to you starting in August 2018. Please see our FAQ for more details, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

This is a one time up front payment. If you are interested in sharing your hive with another specific HalfShare customer, contact us!

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